Want to make money?

16 Nov

Survey Sites & Rewards

          Here you will find all the Survey & Rewards websites that I think you all will like and find rewarding and useful, I will update this post often so keep checking back!

  1.Jingit– This is by far one of my favorite websites! You watch short little ads and get paid! You can make $5.00-$10.00 a week. I spend an hour a week on Jingit, it’s really worth it. You can use your money to download music instantly or request a Jingit Visa card, once your Jingit Visa card arrives you can put any amount of money on it and use it instantly! You start out with a limit of $5.00 a week and for every person you invite you make .25 extra to your weekly limit! Join Jingit today by clicking here.

2.Crowdtap– Another great site! I’ve been a member for 2 months and love it! You get points by doing quick hits (little polls) and participating in actions which is sharing your opinions on specific products or brands Crowdtap asks about. You can then turn your points in for Amazon cards. Join Crowdtap today by clicking here.

3.Swagbucks– This is  the rewards program that works! There is a variety of ways to earn swagbucks, to name a few: Surveys, watching videos, shopping and doing tasks! Not only does this pass time but also is very rewarding. You can cash your swagbucks in for Video-games, Gift Cards, movies, and so much more! Join Swagbucks today by clicking here.


4. Synovate– Do you like getting free products and trying them? Well, if you’re not a member of Synovate you should be! This is my favorite website, I have only been a member for a month and have already received full sized products for me and my family to try out, I’ve also received a 25$ check from them for doing their simple and fun surveys! Join Synovate today by clicking here.


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